What is spasmophilia?
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What is spasmophilia?

Spasmophilia is a set of signs involving spasms and muscle hyperexcitability. It is often family and affects women more readily than men.

Spasmophilia Most of the time, no cause is found. In some cases it is associated with disorders such qu’hypocalcémie, hypophosphatemia, lack of magnesium. Acute crises (or tetany) would be caused by hyperventilation due to anxiety, which would amend the exchanges between calcium and magnesium at the cellular level.

How manifests spasmophilia?

Manifestations of hyperventilation can be classified into three categories:

Symptoms of  spasmodic:

Cramps, tingling in the legs, arms, hands and face.

“Ball” in the throat, throat, trouble swallowing.

Burns, cramps and knots in the stomach, flatulence.

Intestinal spasms, colitis and bloating.

Contractions of the uterus significant premenstrual pain.

The voltages of the jaws;

Muscle and joint pain.

The various symptoms:

The blurred vision and hearing: flies before the eyes, eyelids flickering, hissing and ringing in the ears.

The fatigue that is to say, fatigue mainly in the morning because of a non-restorative sleep.

Tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), the premature (preterm contractions of the heart sometimes causing mild pain), heart erethism (hyperarousal of the heart).

Loss of libido.

Sleep disorders.

Symptoms  of anxiety and depression.






Spasmophilia need to be treated or not ?

In most cases, no treatment is necessary for spasmophilia. A balanced diet and the practice of a sport are often beneficial.

Magnesium supplementation or calcium, in reasonable quantities, can improve some symptoms.

Anxiolytic can relieve anxiety, but should not be taken for extended periods. It is better if it is important to prefer a psychotherapeutic support.

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