What is Thinning hair?
What is Thinning hair?
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What is Thinning hair?

in this article, where you may find the answer you are looking for  concerning  the thinning hair that most of the women are suffering from  .

It  is surprisingly a common problem for women. If you have experienced thinning hair you would have found that the hair appears flat, lifeless and limp. The problem could be down to genetics or ageing – but every woman deserves to have fuller!


Many of us suffer from thinning hair at some point in our lives at different ages. There are a wide variety of causes for tis including medications, hormones, poor diet, an improper hair care regime and illnesses.


There are a wide variety of different forms of thinning hair, some are easily treated whilst others may require medications or even perhaps surgery. Understanding how to treat your thinning hair is the first step to correcting the problem.


It is worth monitoring how much hair is coming out of your hairbrush so that you have an idea of how much hair you are losing each time you brush. This will provide you with clear examples to discuss with your doctor about your hair loss patterns.


As discussed, thinning hair is a common problem but it is important not to get a little confused between just a little bit of hair coming out of your hairbrush versus a lot – a degree of hair loss is normal. Hair grows, on average, 1 cm a month – its total regrowth phase can last from two up to seven year, dependent on your genetic make up.

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