What is Vitamin E ?
What is Vitamin E ?

What is Vitamin E ?

Vitamin E is one of the nutrients that dissolve in fats  that can be found in many foods, and it works as an antioxidant.

The body needs vitamin E to strengthen the immune system to make you able to repel the invasion of bacteria and viruses.Also, it helps to expand the blood vessels and keep blood from clotting inside.In addition, cells use this imperative vitamin  to interact with each other and perform many important functions.

What are the foods that provide vitamin E?

You can get loads of vitamin E by eating a variety of foods, including the following:

  1. Vegetable oils such as wheat germ, sunflower and oils are among the best sources of vitamin.
  2. Corn and soybean oils.
  3. Nuts (such as peanuts, nuts and, especially almonds), and seeds (such as sunflower seeds).
  4. Green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli.
  5. Food companies add some breakfast cereals such as , fruit juices, margarines deployed, and other foods.

What types of dietary supplements are available in vitamin E ?

Dietary supplements of Vitamin E come in quantities of different forms. There are two of the main things to consider when choosing  a dietary supplements.

Although it seems like a single substance, it is actually related to eight compounds in food, including Alpha-tocopherol . Each form has a different strength and  a different level of activity in the body, and theform of it is  like “DL-alpha-tocopherol“. Also, the natural form is more effective. For example, 100 international units of natural vitamin E equal about 150 international units  of synthetic form,and  some  supplements  that provide other forms , such as Gamma-tocopherol,  Tocotrienols and  tocopherols mixed.

As conclusion,  this useful  vitamin has a lot of benefits , and it’s better to eat some foods everyday that contain his healthy component that is considered as an  antioxidant to protect your immune system.

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