What jars for what age?

What jars for what age?

What jars for what age?
Many small jars are commercially available. Not to mention the soups, purees and cereal. Each caters to different age groups. Healthmagazinehouse  helps you choose the formula your baby needs.

The Baby food jars have become a must! Depending on the age of your child, Doctissimo helps you find what you need!

What jars  for what age?
It is not advisable to start complementary feeding before 6 months. Also if you find small bribes that offer recipes from 4 months, it is preferable to wait a little. Ensite has to choose following the indications of age, not to introduce too early eggs and fish meat. The first jars allow to introduce vegetables.
The dishes prepared for baby
Besides the small bribes, there are genuine dishes for babies. Attention must again verify age because they often combine vegetables, meat or fish.
There are also vegetable powders, cereals vegetables, soups and purees, for reconstitution with water. While convenient, these products are to be used “troubleshooting” and should not be the basis for infant feeding. Made from dehydrated vegetables instead of fresh vegetables, soups and purées such lack of natural vitamins.

When introduce vegetables into the infant’s diet?

The first intake of vegetables is about 6 months. We can start with the vegetable stock, replacing mineral water milk mixture into a bottle (often with lunch). therefore added to the broth the same amount of powered milk that usually paid in mineral water or boiled water.
For example, for infant food which takes 5 to 150 g, is filled with 150 g of broth in a bottles and 5 measurements of powdered milk powder as if it were water.
Then, fresh vegetables mixed or in small pots (check the label the age which they are intended) are introduced gradually. It begins with a teaspoon before, between or after feeding. If the child refuses to eat with a spoon, it is possible to mix one or two teaspoons of vegetables in the bottle normally diluted milk powder due to a measure for 30 ml of water.
To 7 or 8 months, we can offer fruit  thinly. Vegetables are more coarsely mixed and presented in small pieces. To 1 year, the fruits are given crushed or chewed. The vegetables are mashed with a fork.
Never force the child to eat it and refuses to offer without ever getting angry or impose. The amounts do not matter; they vary according to the appetite of the child. The introduction of vegetables is done slowly and gradually.

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