What Swedish gym formula choose to do your exercises?

What Swedish gym formula choose to do your exercises?

the Swedish gym has  a lot of attention . We therefore want to put it, but which to choose? Come on, we find the best one that matches us to choose a Swedish gym class suited to their needs to do their own exercises.

No need to be Scandinavian to stay fit in a friendly atmosphere. The Swedish gym offers exercises that musclent harmoniously smoothly and music. The movements are simple: here, no teacher would correct our posture or just ask us to pump more.

To each his formula

The competition has no place: they reproduced the exercises without accessories, according to his ability and form. Do not worry, they are designed to not cause injury.

The courses build on the group energy and the search for wellbeing in a fun way. And each teacher has his playlist: 80s, Latin, electro … The session includes various phases that do not deplete the body: warm-up, cardio, muscle strengthening and stretching. All in an hour. There are various intensities to find one that suits us. So no more excuses!


This is the classic courses suitable for all levels, ideal when you want to return to sport or keep fit. It invites all the muscles at a steady pace. All on a good punchy music that encourages to move and exert themselves to burn 400-600 calories. We alternate three or four exercises per piece, standing or on the ground, in order to optimize the effort of the management and generate maximum energy expenditure. Squats (squats), lunges, jumps, pumps, scissors … impossible to get bored. The lively music grow to give their all and with increasing ardor.
Our opinion: It has to maintain its shape in a friendly atmosphere, it bounces everywhere, smiling. The simplicity of the course will be very quickly comfortable even if the session can be a bit mild for the most experienced.


When is a sporty looking more sensations is the one we need. By the second song, you sweat profusely and heart rate increasing faster than in a standard way. For strength training and cardiovascular work much supported therein. It connects more difficult exos series: the side boards on an arm, pumps on the feet, and true squats burning buttocks. We work endurance and stamina .
Our opinion: Yes, drool and the relaxation time at the end of the session falls like a deliverance. But we hyperzen light and spring. Finally, we no longer find it so difficult and it is even ready to start again. But maybe not the next …


Far jumps and movements coordination of other courses, it helps build muscles through deep slow exercises performed on a quieter music. Despite its apparent softness, Core uses physical strength and mobility. He seeks the deep postural muscles, including those of the abdominal and back-end, through cladding exercises. The movements are simple, but they are often based on the imbalance of the body, which forces to compensate by contracting muscles which had been forgotten about.

Our advice: Do not be deceived: certainly, this course looks sweet, but he knows to sweat beading on his forehead. It is rather for those in good physical condition. Even if we tremble during cladding exercises, one appreciates better understand his body.


First carried out a work fractionated by combining cardiovascular and muscle strengthening for 30 minutes. The recovery phases are very short to boost his fitness by lengthening the time effort. Then, for 25 minutes, actively recovering thanks to dynamic stretches that relax and lengthen the muscles. In practice it is not always easy to string together a very dynamic movement (jumps, arm and leg sunrises) with a more static building exercise (squat, pumps, casing). But it lets off steam and ever more so appreciate stretching.
Our opinion: Our heart was packed when we were asked to run, then stop dead to perform squats. But we loved the stretching stage, more toned and much longer than in a conventional way. So that in the end … not bad!


Inspired yoga, stretching and Pilates, he relaxes with a joint and muscle work where one seeks its maximum amplitude. In a Zen musical atmosphere is performed stretching exercises, balance and sheathing that involve breathing and strength. The course begins with postures accessible to all (dog upside down pyramid, candle, tree) and target different body parts: back, hips, thighs. Throughout the session, the difficulty is gradually increased to exceed a little more each year. No time to get bored, we alternate static and dynamic ground and standing.
Our opinion: It’s pretty demanding, with lots of stretching, concentration and balance. It focuses on the control of the body and increases its flexibility. One emerges with the satisfaction of having made progress.

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