What to do in free time
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What to do in free time

One of the biggest problems facing the young people of our time is “free time”, and it’s a problem in children, adolescents and young people and even older.

What do we mean by free time ?

Free time is those times that man does not find something to do which he does not exercise any of the scientific activities, literary or cultural, artistic, and recreational. Because of this free time, human nature can’t live without that interacts with society that turned him. Also, if there is no interaction with society, there is no way that we can’t  gain enough knowledge to grasp how  we can organize our schedule between fun and work.

Why leisure time has negative effects?

It pushes young people to play and tinker and pushes them to the poor escort. Although, it may have an effect on them  which they  get characterized by a mixture of indifference and neglect.

Free time is also pushing young people to get involved  in the crimes, as the proverb says” The devil find work for idle hands  to work”

By not exploiting the leisure time, it delays maturation of young people physically, rationally, and emotionally. Also, among the most important damage of leisure tome  is to enter into cases of depression and mental illness, which could disrupt the course of the lives of many young people

How do you spend your  free time?

Learn some skills needed by young people, such as computer skills of reading, writing and research skills.

To participate in the scientific and exploratory trips and tourism.

To participate in volunteer work and community service.

One of the main things that destroy the free time is “The role of parents” in their children’s development capabilities and led them to show them the right way to spend their own leasure  time.

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