When to go to maternity?
When to go to maternity?

When to go to maternity?

The countdown has begun delivery of your wife is imminent, the palpable apprehension. You are on the alert, ready to leap to maternity. 

If every birth is unique, yet there are signs of maternity that need to be taken into account.

Small events reminders

The first sign of maternity is starting when your wife loses her mucus plug.This is obstructing the cervix during pregnancy and protect the baby from infection. This “event” is painless and may go unnoticed. It indicates the expansion of the cervix. This is a good indicator, but not always reliable because this loss can occur several days before delivery.

Second sign of maternity , your wife loses water. She feels a warm liquid running down her vagina. This is the amniotic fluid. This can be either a single stain on his pants as Niagara Falls and arrive in one or more times. In this case, even in the absence of perceptible contractions, and regardless of the amount lost, you have to leave for maternity, as there is risk of infection.

Third sign of maternity, your wife has uterine contractions, such as heavy menstrual cramps that go crescendo. Put your hand on her belly, it hardens, you will feel is that the uterus contracts. It’s time to help your wife to relax. Possibly make it a bath in which she can relax. It may also take antispasmodic that his doctor has prescribed. If the work really began, these suppositories will have no effect. Her contractions will then come closer, lengthen and intensify.

At your watch! You will have to measure their speed, duration and intensity. If they come back at regular intervals of 5 to 7 minutes, they last between 30 and 70 seconds each and are severe enough to prevent your wife from engaging in any other activity, then it’s time to spin . The work and maternity at the same  have actually begun.

Keep calm !

No panic on board. This work lasts between 12 and 14 hours for a woman giving birth for the first time (primiparous), and 7 hours on average for a woman multipare! So you have a little time before you. Take the case of your wife and that you have prepared together for the baby and go quietly collect your car. Of course, you know the fastest route and the least congested for accompanying your wife to his visits. If you do not have a car call a taxi. Needless to mention the company that your wife is in labor, it is not a situation they love. Similarly, when the car will pick you up, just mention the driver the address, without saying explicitly that this is a maternity.

Remember, if your wife has lost water, be sure to lay back in his seat. In any case, even if the pregnancy is near, you must walk there.

Do not forget your laptop in a few hours you announce to the whole world and on our forums as the most beautiful baby in the world was born.This is when maternity is starting and it will change your life to much better

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