Why I can’t lose weight ?
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Why I can’t lose weight ?

I can still remember the sick that my sister was crying as a result of the ongoing conflict with her weight.

Social pressure on women to be skinny and young does not help.  You need to change your whole life. What you did in the twenties or early thirties probably will not help you lose weight now, despite dieting and diet and exercise.

The fact that weight loss is subject to many factors! There are plenty of other reasons for weight gain and the inability of its loss. Once you understand the reasons most suitable for you, you will be on the path toward more effective weight control.

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What prevents weight loss?

  1. You have to be willing to lose weight, but your body do you do?

Women are gaining weight more easily when the system is not balanced ,especially during menopause, and at the menopause when the testosterone  and  estrogen levels greater than normal rate. Although testosterone prevents increased fat in men, it can have the opposite effect in women. Estrogen in menopause also lower weaken insulin sensitivity, and this increases the likelihood of fat in the abdomen.

What is more, low thyroid functioning promotes stubborn weight gain, while the elevated cortisol levels due to adrenal imbalances increase cravings for unhealthy foods, and cause increasing your fat.

All of these hormonal effects or a combination of them may prevent you from weight – loss in spite of your efforts to a healthy diet and exercise.

  1. Are you taking less food amounts, but you do not lose weight?

Do you “eat less and move more” “eat less and move more” sound familiar? While the equation may be accurate, it’s simple. The amount of energy burnt rely on our metabolic rate, which vary widely and are affected by several factors, including thyroid function, and diet and physical activity.

Unfortunately for many dieters, eating less food amounts can actually lead to weight gain! When you feel strongly a lack of calories, your body does not know if you’re hungry or following the diet harsh. Simply senses danger and lowers your basal metabolic rate (BMR) to protect against weight loss – one of the reasons that often cause weight gain at once to return to your diet.

Just as you can slow down your metabolism, you can also enhance it. Avoid following the devastating diet, and eating a diet rich in fiber and diet, but low in refined carbohydrates and saturated fats, and the use of herbs to support healthy metabolism and prevent fat storage can make all the big difference.

  1. Do you eat that makes you hungry?

Even if you are what you eat, you may be surprised at certain types of foods How can increase cravings, and promote increased fat or actually keep you from feeling full even when you have eaten a good meal. Let’s take a closer look at what is in your food – and what you can do to your weight.

What’s in your food  is  the major effect  for your weight

– Protein: it has a stronger effect on satiety. Fat has the least.

– Dietary fiber: In short, more fiber means generally earn less in weight, because of its effects on the feeling of fullness and satiety.

– Sugar index in the blood (GI) reflects the extent to which increases food sugar in our blood: foods that increase blood sugar GI (such as sweets and refined carbohydrates) can make appetite rises by stimulating a rise in blood sugar and insulin, and promote insulin resistance, which promotes greater fat.

– High fructose corn syrup: and unlike glucose, fructose can’t induce satiety. The result we continue eating.

– Artificial sweeteners may have zero calories, but they are associated with increased weight.

– High-fat foods, and foods rich in sugar: The release of chemicals that make us crave more. Ballasts natural appetite in the body do not work with such foods required efficiency, especially for women.

The truth about weight loss and keep it

Greater truth when it comes to weight loss is that each one of us a unique situation. Almost every time I talk with frustrating than trying to lose weight again and again a woman, and I am also frustrated! Instead of real answers, and all the books, magazines and TV doctors continue to focus on the latest celebrity diet or “good food versus bad” system without taking into account a woman’s body is really how it works.

Losing weight and maintaining it really is possible once you take care of any hidden issues such as hormonal imbalance. You can even be suffering from a combination of imbalances. The best way to detect a defect that you did not know whether he was a personal decision to reduce our weight fast.

Now is the time to let go judgments about yourself. With the right information, you can reach your goals and lose weight to look and feel a great deal of appreciation for your ego.

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