Why jogging is recommended ?
Why jogging is recommended ?

Why jogging is recommended ?

The Americans democratized jogging, now an obvious and easy to keep, or regain form. After more than forty years of experience, doctors always seem to condone this sport.

Despite the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, the New York City Marathon of jogging  was held on Sunday as planned. The now legendary race was held for the first time in 1970, with twenty-seven participants cent. She had to count fifty thousand, twenty thousand foreigners, for the 2012 edition to see everyone running on asphalt or across country, we forget that this sport has not always been popular. Running has long been reserved for athletes and soldiers. It is the Americans who have “democratized” as many other things.

Researchers continue to discover virtues in physical exercise, good for cardiovascular health, of course, but also for the brain capacity and even sperm quality. Subjects followed closely by the New York Times. If we move to stay in shape by jogging , does  she choose a good choice? The opinion of Dr. Stéphane Borloz, a specialist in sports medicine at the University Hospitals of Geneva.

Are we still believe that the important thing is to run, regardless of the place, city or country?

Stéphane Borloz: Absolutely, you have to run or practice another physical activity, no matter how and where. Jogging is an excellent sport, which has a real impact on the quality of life. Just put on good shoes and have a regular, or at least half an hour a day to reduce the risk of cardiovascular damage.

What is a good pair of sneakers for jogging?

One that suits the person, in line with its morphology. This is not necessarily the most expensive, and it is worthwhile to go to a specialty store.

We see more and more mature people jogging. Is it not bad for the joints?

It is worthwhile to consult in case of pain in the knees or elsewhere. But we do not always ask someone who has experience of jogging to stop running because he has osteoarthritis. The studies do not seem to show worsening of the disease in people who have always made the running in “reasonable amount”. And do not forget that running keeps the muscles and balance, which is crucial from a certain age.

In that case, would it not be better to opt for the nordic walking?

This can be a good solution for people very deconditioned or with certain health problems, as well as those who have never raced. For others, the present jogging the advantage of requiring a somewhat higher intensity of effort, which is important in cardiovascular prevention. It also causes impacts that will stimulate bone and tissue remodeling.


Physical exercise in itself has a positive impact on the brain, why?

We know that it helps to “clear your head” and after sport, people seem more able to think clearly and store information, but we can not explain exactly why. There are many theories, studies give us a lot of leads. We know from long against that people who exercise regularly have fewer attacks in vessels, as well as cardiac cerebral.

Is jogging become a key instrument in the arsenal of treatments?

I often prescribe, in fact, it’s so easy to implement. I think the Americans have managed to change the mindset of people facing the jogging . They democratized the sport in the 1970s and this is ironic because it is the country where there is the greatest fitness, sports clubs and popular competitions. We see people jogging  everywhere. But it is also the country where there are the most problems of overweight and physical inactivity.


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