Women are suffering more

Women are suffering more

why women suffer more
why women suffer more
A new study just proved that women suffer more emotionally than men after the breakdown of their relationship. Yet they are more able to recover faster than men.

Women suffer more emotionally and physically than men after separation, suggests a new US study. Researchers at Binghamton University in New York have noticed differences between the responses of women and men reactions at the breakdown of their relationship. According to their findings, women are more likely to be angry, to be anxious and even gaining weight after a separation, while men are more able to accept the situation as it is. However, they are more likely to keep long time grudge feelings about their ex-partner.

According to researchers, this difference could be due to biology: women have “more to lose” by staying with the wrong person, especially if they want to start a family. They would hand better than men, anyway, thanks to the fact that they are more open vis-à-vis their emotions.

To reach these conclusions, researchers interviewed 5705 people from 96 different countries. They were asked to rank the pain of a separation on a barometer of 0-10 (0 being the breaks have no impact on life, they are unbearable and 10).

The average measured emotional anxiety separation was 6.84 in women, compared with 6.58 in men. In addition, the researchers found that women experienced more feelings of fear, anxiety and anger than men. They were more likely to suffer from insomnia, panic, to resort to food-reassurances, and thus gain weight.

Woman overcome their problems by relying on their friends to help them move on, explains to the Daily Mail newspaper the lead author of the study, Craig Morris, professor of anthropology at Binghamton University. Rather, it describes the typical reaction of a man facing a break as “self-destructive”. He adds that their resentment could last longer than in woman, until they can move on, often finding a new partner.

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