women still do more household than men

women still do more household than men

In terms of household tasks, there is an inequality between women and men when it comes to household. This is according to a survey by the National Statistical Institute (INSEE).

Household chores are always made by women than men. The sharing of household is still a dream cherished by many women. Although globally there is better since the 70s, as evidenced by the INSEE survey, published in the journal “Economics and Statistics”. It traces the evolution on domestic and parental time since the 70s.

The study points out that men still give more time to the business of the house. Between 1974 and 2010 the share of men in domestic work increased from 27% to 39%. Meanwhile, this greater investment by men in domestic life was accompanied by an increase in professional time in women: 34% to 40% in labor.

Can do better

“The time spent cleaning and storage remained stable over the period with a shy transfer of women to men, about three quarters of an hour a week,” says the study by INSEE.

For example, women spend less time washing dishes (less than 3 hours per week) and cooking (less than 2 hours per week). Improved due to better household appliances but also because men put a little more hands-on, “the time that men devote to these two activities being increased slightly over the same period,” said INSEE .

But overall women spend a little more than three hours per day on average in 2010 to do household chores against 1:45 for men. Proof that in politics at home, perfect parity and gender equality remains a myth.

To conclude, men need to do housework as well in order to show some support and love to their wives, and giving them  a hand instead of doing the whole work because its too much to handle  all the housework,including cleaning , washing dishes and so on and so forth.

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