Yoga is good for libido
Yoga is good for the libido
Yoga is good for the libido

Yoga is good for libido

Yoga really all good! In addition to calm the mind, increase flexibility, improve breathing, strengthen muscles and joints, yoga can boost our sexuality by using  yoga everyday.

If the idea that yoga enhances sexuality may seem preposterous at first, it is actually quite logical. In fact, yoga is not just the execution of postures, it is a discipline aiming the harmony of body and mind, the proper flow of energy and the awakening of the vital energy .


Kundalini. This global labor body and mind makes you feel more fit, more in tune with himself and his surroundings, more fulfilled and ready to live fully their sexuality by using  yoga and just yoga in their own daily life!

Releasing tensions

Because in yoga, breathing is paramount and synchronized with the movements, you learn to better control. This form of meditation mindfulness helps to let go, to relieve stress and negative thoughts that affect the well-being. As for postures, their precise execution and having to keep a time helps to have a better body awareness. Stretching the body release tension, stress source. Once the mind and body relaxed, then we are more willing to make love by  using yoga a lot!

It invigorates her perineum

With pranayamas (breathing exercises), one muscle perineum and its midsection long, its body is purified and stimulated ovaries, ovules, genitals … In short, the whole endocrine system is working, which increases libido . The pelvic floor is particularly applied in the practice of bandha (which could be translated as “locks”) as mula bandha which involves contracting the perineum or uddiyana bandha for the contraction of the abdominal muscles. And we know, a toned pelvic floor plays an essential role in sexuality in women, orgasms are stronger; man is more enduring and better control his pleasure and ejaculation. Everyone finds his pleasure by using yoga daily!

It has more confidence

he practice of yoga improves motor coordination, flexibility, strength and muscular endurance, which are assets to boost our antics. Many postures aim to mobilize, relax and “open” body parts that are often tied, blocked or static: the rib cage, pelvis, hips … The opening is also done at the different chakras. .. spirit ! The result is increased self-confidence, you are more comfortable with her body and that of another. Women to overcome their complex ones, men learn to move their bodies more flexible  to our delight (yoga)!
Here are four easy exercises to achieve for ladies and gentleman for two years.

Tamas Uddiyana Bandha

Inhale slowly and deeply. Upon expiration, empty the lungs and strong contracting perineum (mula bandha) and stomach (uddiyana bandha) inward and upward.
Maintain this perineal and abdominal contraction and the absence of air as long as possible.
Inhale and release the perineum and belly. Take one or several complete breaths (to regulate the heart and respiratory rate) before restarting. The pace: 5-10 times.

The advantages:

strengthens the abdominal and back, improves digestion and transit. Detoxifies the body. Reinforces deep perineum and enhances orgasm. Avoid during menstruation.


Sitting on the sit bones, back straight, legs straight, hands on the floor, lower back straightened.
Bend knees and getting all the abdominal muscles and the perineum. Slightly tilt the back backwards and lift the legs by keeping a 45 ° angle between the stomach and thighs. For balance, setting a point ahead and help taking lightly pressing fingertips.

The head is in the extension of the column, the shoulders are lowered, slightly back, the look ahead.
To go further, to posture with legs straight.
The pace: maintain posture 30 seconds at the beginning and gradually increase to hold as long as possible.
The advantages:

strengthens the dorsal and abdominal muscles in depth, tones thighs, improves balance and posture. Promotes concentration and mental strength.


Run beats (like a butterfly) with the thighs. Start very slowly, then gradually increase the amplitude of the beats by bringing the knees to the ground downhill.

The pace: for 30 seconds at the beginning and then increase to 1 or 2 minutes.

The advantages:

improves joint flexibility, opens the basin. Muscle and relaxes the pelvic floor.

Urdhva Dhanurasana

Lie on your back, feet parallel width apart basin, bend the legs and feet closer buttocks.
Stretch arms along the body and try to touch your feet with your hands.

Inhale slowly and deeply and lift as high as possible Basin strong contracting the buttocks and perineum, and keeping the head, neck and shoulders to the ground. Try to open the chest closer to the chin.

To go further, lay hands on the shoulders (fingers pointing towards the shoulders) and lift the body by resting on the hands and feet to form a bridge.
The pace:

maintain posture 30 seconds at first, gradually increase to hold as long as possible.

muscle glutes, back, legs, enhancing the flexibility of the upper back and opening the solar plexus. Help to recognize the perineum, improves flexibility, strengthens and relaxes the back.
Stimulates the endocrine glands. Improves quality, potency and duration of sexual intercourse.

For men: Utkatasana

Stand with your back straight, feet away about 1 meter and rotate the feet outward 10 h 10 (or 30 °).
Contract the glutes and perform a pelvic retroversion. High contracting perineum and abdomen inward and upward.

Flex legs ensuring that the knees are in the axis of the ankle. Join praying hands at chest level, keeping shoulders lowered.
Maintain posture focusing on body parts that are requested.

The pace:

maintain the posture for 30 seconds at the beginning and rise progressively to hold as long as possible.

The advantages:

strengthens the leg and buttock muscles. Strengthens the pelvic floor and abdomen. The placement of the pelvis retroversion forced to contract the perineum and to work all the muscles located around the pool. Stimulates the functioning of the sexual glands by increasing testosterone production and thus libido.
For men: pelvic tilt

Move the feet of the width of the pool, lay hands on each side of the pelvis and slightly bend the knees.
Inhale slowly and deeply by performing a pelvic anteversion (switch buttocks backwards slightly arching your lower back).

Breathe slowly and deeply by performing a pelvic retroversion (tilting the pelvis forward by contracting the glutes). At the end of exhalation, contract the perineum and strong abdominal muscles inward and upward.
Again without pausing.

The pace:

maintain the posture for 30 seconds at the beginning and rise progressively to hold as long as possible by using yoga.


tones muscle and stimulates the functioning of muscles, organs and glands in the pelvic area. Improve performance during sex for both men and women if  they perform yoga everyday.

Improves traction basin and therefore the quality of the sexual act. Ideal in case of premature ejaculation problem.

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