Yoga practice presented in eight myths
Yoga practice presented in eight myths

Yoga practice presented in eight myths

Yoga practice is a spiritual  daily activity  that aims to strengthen the balance between body, mind and spirit, is much more complete and accessible than we think.

Misconception # 1: It  is only for flexible people!

It can be ramrod straight and do this activity. Deborah believes that it is even easier to take up yoga practice when inflexibility: “The aim of it  is to establish a connection between body and mind A flexible person will tend to link the movements without. reflect on his breath, without listening to his body. On the contrary, someone who lacks flexibility seek to better position themselves, will feel its limits and take more aware of his body. “. It is essential to respect your body and respect its limits. Flexibility is acquired during the sessions, especially as yoga is not inscribed in a process of performance but progress.

Misconception # 2: Yoga practice is boring!

Wrong! According to Deborah, twice never follows the same course. “Because there is a string of different postures but also because we are never in the same state of mind Throughout the sessions, the felt evolves. “.
Furthermore, there are  as many types of yoga practice desires and personalities. Depending on the form , and it helps to relax, to unwind, to sculpt the silhouette … Among the most original versions, Fly yoga practice. It  is practiced in a hammock. It connects breathing exercises, dynamic movements and meditation, all in a fun atmosphere. Could not be bothered!

Misconception # 3: It  is soft!

A single session of Ashtanga yoga practice is enough to prove otherwise. Dynamics and physics, this method is to synchronize a quick sequence of postures and breathing exercises. To keep the positions, one must combine strength, flexibility, endurance and address. Same, Power yoga practice is a new  form that is practiced in music that combines classical postures to movements fitness. Two activities ideal for hyperactive yogis who wish to stay physically fit!



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