Zinc: interior beauty
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Zinc: interior beauty

Zinc is a trace element present in very small amounts in the body: the body contains about 2.5 grams. However, his role is crucial!

Save your skin

Beauty Inside Necessary in over 200 chemical reactions, in particular It  is involved in protein synthesis. This trace element with antioxidant acts on growth, respiration, endocrine, immunity, inflammation, reproduction and sexuality …. For the skin, It  is an essential ally! Thus, it promotes healing, and therefore involved in many skin problems: psoriasis, leg ulcers, skin infections. Its role against the acne problem for example is now well proven. Not only intervene against the bacterium, but also limit the inflammatory reaction.

Gare deficiencies!

The recommended daily intake is 14 mg per day in men and 12 mg per day for women. Although,It is present in many foods – fish, seafood, meat, eggs, cereals, vegetables secs- deficiencies are widespread. Indeed, tobacco, coffee, tea, alcohol. Further refining of food, particularly cereals, breads and pastas reduces zinc levels. According to Patrick Holford in “The Bible optimal nutrition”, the Editions Marabout, refined flour contains only 22% of this element, 78% remaining evaporate during processing. Finally as iron, zinc animal origin is better absorbed than that just plants: vegetarians are more exposed to a lack of zinc.

Get your fill of zinc!

To be sure to avoid deficiencies, healthy  balanced diet and watch his zinc intake. The richest food 100g include:

Oysters: 16 mg

Veal liver and pork: 9 mg

Wheat germ: 7 mg

Wholemeal Bread: 5 mg

Beef, egg yolk, duck liver: 4 mg

Soybean: 3 mg

beans, lentils, split peas, fatty fish, shellfish nuts: between 2 and 2.5 mg

Oysters and meat combine the advantages. Not only do these foods provide an important source of zinc ,but in addition it has an excellent bioavailability: he will be very well absorbed by the body. By against the food as wholemeal bread or wheat germ contain phytates (plant fiber) that decrease the absorption of this imperative element. Good news: the nature is well done zinc absorption increases in people who suffer from deficiencies and decreased in those with higher intakes. Finally be aware that wine, in moderate doses, of course, facilitates the absorption of zinc.

Should we supplement?

It may be useful in cases of acne Generally, this trace element can provide a response to skin problems, nails and hair. Besides, we recommend It with  selenium combination to fight against aging skin . It is sometimes necessary in pregnant women, whose needs increase during pregnancy, and can be useful for vegetarians. Iron hinders zinc absorption, so avoid supplements that combine It with  iron. Finally, last tip, remember that zinc absorption is higher than fasting during the meal.


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