Zoom on anti-aging food supplements
Zoom on anti-aging food supplements

Zoom on anti-aging food supplements

At all times men have sought the fountain of youth. Today, many  anti-aging food supplements promise to preserve the youth of the body. If we do not expect a miracle, some advances can help to reduce the weight of the years.

Zoom on anti-aging food supplements

How to slow down the work of years without surgery? Some nutrients are effective allies against the years.

Plenty of antioxidants to keep you healthy

Anti-aging food supplements Every day the human body is the site of a terrible struggle. Antioxidants are opposed to free radicals, which, in excess, damage the body and cause cancer, cardiovascular disease and premature cell aging. To stop this mechanism, why not bring antioxidants from the outside to counter the free radicals? In France, the Suvimax study was launched in 1994 to validate or invalidate this hypothesis. For 8 years, 13,000 volunteers tested a capsule containing the best known antioxidants: beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, zinc and selenium. Result: in men the effect of antioxidants is certain, a decrease in overall mortality of more than 30%. In women, supplementation has had only a limited effect, the latter have a balanced diet that brings them all the antioxidants they need.

In practice: antioxidant food supplements based on vitamins C, E, betacarotene, zinc and selenium are interesting especially 5 fruits and vegetables per day. If you eat well, these supplements will not bring you anything more!

Omega 3, to protect its peak

The brain consists of 20% essential fatty acids. They are polyunsaturated, therefore fluids, and give the membranes of the neurons the thickness and the flexibility necessary for the exchange of information. For proper cerebral functioning, these fatty acids must respect a fair proportion between omega-6 and omega-3. However, diet is unbalanced to the detriment of omega-3s and the older you become, the greater the risk of developing cognitive disorders. According to a study published in 2003, people who consumed fish, rich in DHA, an omega 3, at least once a week have decreased the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by 60%. According to another study, the consumption of DHA, a precursor of omega 3, present in fish protects cognitive functions.

In practice: if you do not like fish, Omega 3 DHA supplements can help you if necessary to maintain memory, concentration and brain power.

Borage and Evening Primrose Oil to nourish the skin

Borage oil and evening primrose oil contain, among others, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an omega 3 essential for the suppleness and hydration of the skin. These plants would therefore be very effective to fight against all the skin problems and to preserve the elasticity of the skin. They could also act on hormonal regulation. If they can be useful in external application, these two oils are mainly recommended in capsules.

In practice: if your skin is very fragile, parched, you can opt for borage oil capsules or onager primrose.

And do not forget that preserving your skin and body, it also passes by good habits: stop smoking, limit your consumption of alcohol and do not forget physical activity!

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